What to do if you have put the wrong fuel in your car

Firstly, don’t panic! This is an incredibly common error and occurs around 400 times per day across the UK. Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is very easily done but fortunately is often relatively simple to fix.

Don’t start the vehicle or turn the key. This way the fuel remains in the tank and the contamination doesn’t have the chance to work it’s way into the engine. If you have already started the vehicle, pull over to a safe place and switch of the engine straight away. Don’t be tempted to see if you can make it home, as the more contaminated fuel that reaches the engine, the more significant and expensive the potential damage is likely to be.

If you are in the garage and haven’t started the car, let the attendant know. They are used to this occurrence, will probably be sympathetic to your situation and may even help you to push the car away from the pump. Even if you have only put a small amount of the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you should always consult a qualified fuel drain technician from a company such as www.fuelbusters.co.uk before you decide how to proceed.

Fuel Busters friendly technicians are available 24/7 365 – so don’t hesitate to call if you have made the mistake. We are proud to be a ‘? Trusted trader’ and will endeavour to be with you within 35 minutes should you need us. We are always happy to give advice and a quote over the telephone.

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