Frequently Asked Questions

I've put the wrong fuel in my car. I'm still at the petrol station. Can you advise me?
To avoid any damage to your engine we recommend that you don’t start your vehicle or even switch on the ignition. Call Fuel Busters straight away and we’ll aim to get to you within 35 minutes to drain the fuel and get you back on the road.
Will my insurance cover the cost of a fuel drain?
Most drivers are not covered on their insurance policy for mis-fuelling. The only breakdown company that offer cover as standard, is Green Flag, but then only on their highest level of cover. If you are in any doubt, phone your insurance / breakdown company for clarification.
I have driven my car already with the wrong fuel in it. Have I damaged my engine?
Driving with the wrong fuel can cause damage to your engine. It is important to get the contaminated fuel drained as soon as possible to minimise the risk of damage. The more contaminated fuel that goes into the system, the more expensive it can be to repair your vehicle. In extreme cases, considerable damage can be done, which may necessitate a replacement engine.
What happens if you can't get my car started after the fuel drain?
Fuel Busters provide an emergency fuel drain service, we charge for the removal of contaminated fuel from your vehicle and for the flushing of the fuel system. In 99.9% of cases where the vehicle has been driven, we have no issues in getting them re-started.
Can I top up with the correct fuel if I've only put a few litres of the wrong fuel in?
There is no safe amount of ‘wrong fuel.’ Fuel Busters DO NOT recommend ‘topping up with the right fuel.’ If the wrong fuel has been put in to your vehicle, it must be removed. Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule but we recommend you call us for expert advice before taking this course of action.
What areas do you cover?
Fuel Busters cover most areas of the UK. In most cases we will connect you to your local technician as soon as we have established your geographical location.