If you need a mobile fuel drain in Ashford, Middlesex, call your local Fuel Busters engineer directly on:

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Fuel Busters are the leading fuel drain specialist in Ashford, Middlesex so we really understand how frustrating a misfuel can be.  Therefore, we aim to be with you in 35 minutes and have you safely motoring again shortly after.

Our highly trained and skilled fuel drain engineers are on call 24/7.  We take pride in providing a professional service and giving you the best value for money fuel drain in Ashford, Middlesex

You mix it, we’ll fix it!

What to do if you have put petrol in a diesel?

Your vehicle could sustain significant damage due to an accidental misfuel.  Petrol in a diesel vehicle can result in damage to the fuel pump.  Petrol is a solvent and when introduced to a diesel engine, lubrication is reduced allowing metal parts to grind and deterioration to occur.  Firstly, do not start the engine, or stop immediately you realise.  For advice, roadside service and a professional fuel drain, call Fuel Busters 24/7:

07870 977 680

We promise that a fully qualified and insured Fuel Busters engineer will be with you directly and have your vehicle back on the road while you wait.